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    Could someone please post the best settings in Dr.Divx for converting a file for playback on a Treo 650? I've tried several different combinations, but have audio sync issues, or MMPlayer flags the video file as having too high a video bitrate.
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    The easiest way is to use the built-in Portable Medium Quality or Low Quality Profiles. You should get pocketdivxencoder and after you run it through Dr. Divx you can run the file through pocketdivxencoder's "Correct Audio/Video Sync" which will create a new synced file. That's what I do.
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    My personal fav settings:

    304x224 at 280k for great quality, but 180k is good for the video

    64k (44z) (not variable) mono for the audio

    A 24 minute HDTV Show (no commercials) encodes to about 40MB (at the 180) or 55MB when video encoded at the 280.

    I run the encode scan once (as opposed to the default two), but at slowest setting (sorry for not knowing the proper terms).

    All of this of course can be controlled in the Advanced section..i find dr. divx works great, but it takes some funny tricks to get the size right as sometimes it grays out the controls. Once you find a setting, save it as a profile and choose that for future encodes.

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