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    I ma having to re-link/re-sync (whatever the term is) my Scala 500 headset with my Treo 650 every time I turn the headset back on after taking it out of the charger. Is this normal behavior? I thought the phone was supposed to recognize that the headset was in range and make the link automatically every time it was powered up.
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    I've synced my Scala exactly once - when I first bought it. Since then, the Scala has been on, off, in-range, out or range, etc. and I've never had to re-sync the two. I think I've probably even had a couple of soft resets on the Treo (although no hard resets).

    People are reporting good experiences with Cardo tech support; maybe you should give them a call.
    - Fushigi
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    my experience has been same as fushigi....
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    The only time I have to "Re-link" the Scala is if I do a hard reset.

    Are you going into the bluetooth setup and setting up the Scala? do you enter "0000" when it asks for the code to link it the first time?
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    My Scala started this behavior recently - worked fine for threee weeks, now I have to reset and 0000 each time it is turned off ans back!
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    BTW, since my earlier post I've not bothered to turn the Scala off while recharging. Maybe that would work for you since the problem crops up when turning it off/on.
    - Fushigi
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    I turn my scala off and on, let the batteries run completely dead... Never had a problem having to re-pair it with my phone.

    The only time I ever had to re-pair it, was when I did a hard reset on my phone.

    Maybe your Scala or your phone is bad.
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    Well, I spoke with Cardo tech support, and they advised to tap the silver button on the side of the Scala to "wake it up" after I turned the device on. No difference. What's worse, the Scala has now started to refuse to pair (I think this is the correct term) at all. I'll be calling Cardo back for an RMA number, which is what they advised to do if the problem persisted.
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    I never have to press the button on the side to wake it up.

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