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    I can access most of the websites on my blazer with no problems howevre whenever i enter in paypals website it tells me to download?
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    blazer on my 600 wont go to paypal, whereas it worked fine on my 300 (got mobile portal). I downloaded webpro last night so I could pull large files (15-25mb) down onto my SD card, and trying paypal right now ... it worked. Brought me to the regular site w/"normal" view". Trying handheld view just in case it sends it different request headers ... also the main site; looks like webpro doesn't send a user-agent value that leads to the mobile version.

    webpro can be found at treobits, and there's a free version 3.0a. There's a link to it in a post somewhere on treocentral. A great freebie esp if you want to download large files to an SD hard with a 600 (how does 650 blazer deal with large files - can you write to the SD card)?
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    Yeah, it used to work on my 600 too, but not on my 650. I heard its Blazer.
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    it stopped working in blazer on the 600 when they changed the page to make it more secure. Not sure what the specifics of the change were.
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    Try Webpro 3.0. I use it and it works. Do search for the free patched version. 5way is not supported however but definitely faster than Blazer.

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