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    OK..I know you can't open the arm and answer the phone. I can live with that. However...I can't even press the center button on the 850 to answer the phone. I have to answer it on the Treo, and then hit the center button on the 850, and then it works fine. I also have the 810 and it does the same thing. I have to answer the phone first by pressing the answer key or the answer option on the screen, then hit the center button on the 850 to use it. Please tell me there is a way to at least open the arm and hit the center button on the 850 which results in the phone being answered via the headset.
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    I think the problem is that sometimes you have to hit the center button on the headset twice. the first press is to make connection between the phone and headset, the second press answers the phone call. I know, it's annoying because normally, the BT stays on until you close the arm, but I don't know why with treo, BT stays on only for a short while and shuts off when not in use..... That been said, I have no problem with my Motorola HS 810 making the connection the first time.
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    do u find it slow in connecting when u flip open the boom?

    when my treo isn't doing anything and i flip open the boom, it connects rightaway...

    but when a call comes in, and then i flip open the boom, i've to press the button and wait for a couple of seconds before it can connect to the phone
    then i gotta press the button again to answer the call... by that time it's already 6 rings... sigh

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