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    I have a friend with a Sprint 650. He is not able to drop a call that is on hold even if the person on the other line hangs up. When he continues his conversation with caller #1, the 2nd caller is still shown with the call time running. Does anyone know how to drop the 2nd call? I have a gsm 650 and I never have this problem. When I switch back to caller #1, the 2nd call automatically hangs up.
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    I seem to remember a thread about this back when the Treo 600 was released. I think it had something to do with the command set on CDMA networks. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable that I in in this are will weigh in, but what I remember was that this was not possible with the CDMA phones, you either swap between the two calls or hang up on both of them. No way to drop one and keep the second. I'm going off of something I read over a year ago, so I could be wrong.
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    Yeah this has happened since the Sprint Springboard Phone modules in the Visor. Later, after you go back to your original caller you will be connected to the 2nd call again which has since hung up and now you get a great dial tone in your ear. Switching back to the 1st caller you can talk for a while and then, tone again. Etc, ect. Great programming.
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    This has nothing to do with the Treo -- it is the way CDMA networks work and the fact that they were designed initially to overlay analog networks. The only way to switch between three way or conference calls is to hit the "send" button which is what the Treo does for you when you "swap" calls. Here is how to do what you want...

    1) If you want to drop a person, they should hang up, you will get three tones when they are gone (though the Treo will still show them). You can still at this time dial another caller.

    2) For call waiting, and three way callng, if you hang up the call, and one party stays on, the Sprint network will call your phone back and when you answer, the caller that is still on the line will be there. If you hang up on them, the call will be totally terminated.

    I think the interface on the Treo is so wierd because they wanted to use the same software as the GSM model which has protocols to send commands to do all this stuff.

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    Thanks everyone! This is great info.
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    Everything Genn_butler says is true. There is a bug with sprints handling of call waiting. I have found that call waiting works fine in the senerio where you are on the phone with caller 1 and 2nd caller calls you, you answer call and tell that person you will call them back. At this point you end all calls and sprint network will call you back with the person whom is on hold. If decide you want to continue speaking with the 2nd caller, there is no way to drop the 1st caller.
    I was on the phone with tech support about this problem and they admitted to me that this indeed is a bug with there system.
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    I'm not so sure it's a bug, but rather a product of the system design. Either way the result is the same.
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    This is interesting. I just thought it was a issue with the Treo design. I'm sure a lot of other people do to.

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