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    Hi everyone... was hoping someone could shed some light on this for me. My Version Treo 600 has been having some troubles with the earpiece -- sometimes I can't hear the person on the other end of a call unless I whack the Treo really hard on the side (!) -- and it's under warranty so I brought it back for replacement. The replacement unit's earpiece worked fine, but the colors on the screen were really washed out compared to my old unit. Whites looked grey, the colors were faded, etc, despite having the exact same brightness and contrast settings. I tried tinkering with the new Treo's settings but was unable to get the display to be as "vivid" as my original one was. I tried two other phones at the VZW store and neither of them was like my original, either. I convinced the service people at the store to give me back my original unit and now have a call in to data services -- but they want to send me a refurbished unit as a replacement.

    Has anyone seen this before? Were the phones at the store part of a bad batch? Was there a change made in the components or something? Should I go for the refurbished one?

    Any and all advice would be appreciated... thank you!!!

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    I am in the same situation, i just got a replacment from palm for a bad mic.

    and does the screen and the camera look like @#$%, it gets me frustrated to know that there must be a "good treo" but my luck i get a crap one.

    as for u if they dont give you the old phone back, just tell the you want onther untill u get a "good one"
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    I found that the screens used on the 600 were uneven...some were worse than others from my experience. I had mine replaced a couple of times for a bad screen.

    Honestly, there's no good screen for the 600 though...that's what the 650 is for. I had no idea how big a difference it would make.
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    I was able to get the VZW people to give me my original Treo back, so at least I have that one until the data center folks send along a working replacement. Hopefully it'll have a good screen.

    Thank you both very much for the advice!!


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