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    What files do I need to save for bookmarks (blazer and xiino), and accounts and prefs for snapper?

    I want to do a hard reset, reload everything fresh, and not have to recreate these items.

    Thanx, Ron
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    For blazer bookmarks, the file is called... Blazer Bookmarks.db. For the others I dont know. If you want to start fresh, I wouldnt restore those files. You never know. I would at the very least have a good backup before I restored them, just in case.
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    For Snappermail they are:
    Snapper-MsgContent-Snpm, Snapper-MsgList-Snpm, Snapper-MsgMime-Snpm, Snapper-Prefs-Snpm. The application itself is Snappermail.
    You'll find these in your backup folder.
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