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    This is probably a very basic question that the answers exist somewhere already, but a quick search of this site didn't produce an answer so I figure I'll brave the flames to ask anyway.

    I did not follow the good advice I have since learned about installing a good uninstall manager before trying to install crap on my new treo 650 (Cingular). I tried to dowload a couple PDB files straight to the phone that were supposed to be Zork (a game that only old(er) people would care to play) from some random site google led me to ( and although I can se the memory on my card has been reduced by the download size, I can find no way to attempt to run the game or to even browse the SD disk to view it/delete it.

    I am, perhaps incorrectly, assuming that the reason they didn't get picked up on the applications app is because it is not supported on the 650 or something similar. But, how do I now view and delete this file and/or try to run it manually?

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    You need the PRC file to run Zork (as I have I, II and III installed on my Treo ) I use the Frobnitz interpreter .

    Try looking for the files with a file manager (FileZ is free and one of the better ones out the You can find, move and/or delete them.

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