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    Before I buy both, I want to know whether the e-grips makes the t650 difficult to slide in and out of the Seido holster (the one with the big black "latch" on the top).

    Also, which color egrip should I get for a cingular t650?

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    If you buy 2 sets you get a free generic set. The gun metal blue matches the Cingular clor around the screen....the silver matches the rest.....get one of ecah and get the freebie for your IPod or ya wife's / kid's / best friend's phone.
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    I have one of those big 'latch on top' holsters from Seidio. They have a notch on the side panels that, depending on how you position your side grip pieces, might push in a little bit on one edge of the piece (the edge closest to the screen front of the 650). probably not a big deal....
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    OK, it is a year later and I am looking at the same thing - egrips with a Sedio clip-in. Does it work OK? I can still send my holster back - should I look at a P6 instead? I have always used clip-ins with my other cell phones, but I am scared to death that an accidental "eject" will send my new baby crashing to the concrete!

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