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    Quote Originally Posted by 1colorado
    I have Aces Texas hold em and Salexo texas holdem and Salexo is better (in my opinion) as you actually sit at a card table.
    I actually make a portion of income from poker, and both are okay for me.

    Not very customizable like some desktop software, but similar enough to keep my edge and maybe even improve a bit.
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    Rally1000 is still my most played game for some reason
    Text Twist a close second (word jumbles, insanely addictive)
    Xrow a third (really hard variation on Tic Tac Toe)
    Monsta! (except I finished it a long time ago)
    Piloth which I play against my wife when we are waiting for the trailer to start at the movie theater (Othello)
    The others I keep around but rarely play at all.
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    Bike or Die
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