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    Well my unlocked Treo 650 arrived today and I am using it on Tmobile. I have been trying to decide whether I should stay with Tmobile or jump ship to Sprint. In comparing the 2, I have noticed that Tmobile seems to have better reception most of the time. Loading web pages on both Treo's is almost the same belive it or not. The only bad thing right now is the speaker volume both in the earpiece and speakerphone, much much lower on the unlocked version. The quality of the sound is the same its just that the volume is much lower. This in cunjuction with lack of any insurance coverage on the unlocked version may push me to jump from Tmobile to Sprint.

    I do prefer the silver caseing of the unlocked version better.
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    I have been with sprint for 7 years I have been happy with my connection speed and the voice is fantastic. I have had no real issues with this 650.
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    The insurance issue is huge. See if T-Mobile will cover it. If not, seriously consider Sprint.
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