I'm currently using hotsync with my office computer (MAC) with the PALM Desktop, but haven't been real satisfied. Since my PC at home has been flaky for the past several months, I have just ordered a new IBook, and want to set it up as efficiently as possible.

So I'm looking for suggestions... While Apple's 'Mail', 'ICal' and 'Address Book' programs are sufficient, I am strongly considering moving to Microsoft's 'Entourage' only because I don't really like ICal.

From what I can tell, Isync isn't worth much either way. (But I'd like to hear from someone who likes it) HotSync works OK with Entourage and MissingSync is a nice alternative for the Apple software.

So my question is simple... which app (I/Missing/Hot Sync) works best with with these programs?

Regardless, whichever APP I utilize at home, will eventually get implemented at the office.

And thanks for you input,