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    i've noticed that there's a distinct difference between the treo 600 screen and the treo 650 screen. the 650 is a lot more sensitive to touch and responds much more quickly than the 600.

    case in point: i hit "hang up" on a treo 650 after a call is complete. it hangs up immediately. on a 600, however, i feel like i have to apply much more pressure to the "hang up" button. (my fiance was looking at me funny the last time i made a call on his 600.)

    problem is, i'm a lefty. i use my left ear to listen to the phone. sometimes, my ear presses the "hang up" button unintentionally. obviously, this is an annoyance.

    this is a strange issue, but i'm not sure what to do. are there ways to avoid hanging up on people unintentionally?
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    There are many apps that will allow you to dissable touch screen during calls.

    EDIT: BTW I am also a lefty and that has never happened to me.
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    Home > Preferences > Keyguard > Disable touchscreen when: [Incoming calls received|On a call]
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    I think you can change a setting to "lock" the screen while you are in a call.
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    thank you all
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    ok, question... how do i enable speakerphone if the touchscreen is locked?
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    Use the 5-way to highlight the speakerphone button, and then press the center.
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