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    is anyone else having this phone shuts off by itself at least 6 times a day..sometimes in the middle of a call. Battery is always charged.
    Please help!
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    Who is your carrier? What software do you have loaded? Have you tried a soft reset? Have you tried a hard reset (after a good backup, of course )?
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    Cingular service...using an old AT&T sim card....unlocked 650

    version 1.05-row
    tried soft reset many times...hard once..didnt work

    basic software plus:
    dir asst
    power up
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    I dont understand how you can have Cingular service with an old AT&T SIM card. If you have Cingular service, you need to get a Cingular SIM (and one made by Axalto), and they should be able to give you one at any Cingular store, worst case charge your $25 for it. With an AT&T SIM there is no way of telling if the phone is bad or if its the SIM.
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    i bought an unlocked treo 600 with at&t service/sim card....but when they merged my phone now reads cingular in the top left corner...i assum eits cingular service now?>
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    Oh, ok. That makes sense. It says Cingular but you are still with AT&T, which means you have AT&T service. I dont know if there are or arent any problems with AT&T sims and the Treo 650. The only thing I can suggest is that if you do a hard reset, and you are still having problems with a clean Treo, then its either the SIM card or the Treo itself is defective.
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    so i bought a new AT&T sim card and did a reset...still shut off 5 minutes i know its not the sim card...but im reluctant to blame it on the 650, b/c it was doing the same exact thing on my 600.....any new thoughs?
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    Try hard resetting the 650 and use it bare bones. If you still get resets, you know the phone itself or the SIM card must be to blame. This narrows the field a lot in your diagnostics.

    If you have lots of T600 software you carried over such as IM, Treo gadgets for wireless tweaking, caller ID software etc, you should suspect your added software.
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    hey fixins,

    When it does that, try pushing down on the battery door, then press the power key again. If that doesn't work remove the battery, replace it and repeat. Always look for the simple stuff first... see the post on loose battery door.
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    thanks for the suggestions....i need to clarify a few things...the unit doesnt reset itself..its only limited to the phone turning off...not soft reseting the whole unit, so i think that eliminates the battery. I also did not carry any 600 programs over..started from scratch and added some "approved 650" apps. Already bought a new SIM running out of options
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    Yes, but the new SIM is still an AT&T SIM. I think it may be a problem with the provisioning (the way the service is setup), or more likely a defective phone. When you run out of options, the last one is equipment exchange. Good luck.
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    Did you hard reset the treo and try it "without" hot syncing?
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    so good. Switched to Cingular today from AT& a new Axalto sim card and so far...the phone is working perfectly....i think there is a problem with AT&T SIm cards ( i tried 2x) and an unlocked treo....happened on both 600 and 650. Will update is problem persists...thank for helping!
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    Glad the new SIM seems to have fixed this for you. I got a replacement SIM to resolve the vmail problem and when I did I started having some issues with the phone just tuning off which had never been a problem before.
    After I noticed that this happened a couple times when I took it out of my pocket or set in on a table I guessed that maybe the SIM was loosing contact with whatever it touches inside the phone. I put a piece of paper behind the SIM card in its little caddy and I haven't had the problem since. Don't know if this is just coincedence or what but thought I would mention it.
  15.    #15 now the phone hasnt shut off once in 2 days, but all of a sudden it is soft reseting itself about 5x per day where before i switched to fix the phone problem, it did not reset once. what a trade off? Is there something i can do?
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    fixins, I am having the same problem you described at first. The phone, often in the middle of a call, simply hangs up. I am using the SIM from my T600. I upgraded the phone using my wife's phone number. So Cingular sold the 650 with the assumption that it was going to use my wife's number on it. However, she's using the 600 with her SIM/# and I'm using the 650 with my old SIM/#. I don't THINK that should matter but I mention it just in case. Haven't been able to figure it out:

    Cingular T650 (don't know if it's unlocked) using ZLauncher, LightWav and a couple of other apps that I may want to take off....

    Finally, in the last day or so my phone's power management (turn off display after one minute) seems to be broken. It stays on.... I am using KBLight as well. Any thoughts?


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