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    I'm using the standard palmOne mail v. 1.02a that came with my 600. I have the correct settings for Incoming POP3 and Outgoing SMTP because they are the exact settings that I have for Outlook. I can get email without any problems, but I can't send. If I look at the Connection Log the Status is Lost network connection. Again, I know the settings are correct and I know that Time Warner isn't having any problems with email because Outlook responds fine. Any suggestions?
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    RoadRunner (like many email providers) doesn't allow sending mail unless you're connected through RoadRunner. This is to avoid someone sending spam through their servers, etc.
    It's someone to ask RoadRunner about.
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    I had the same problem with my carrier--I use a cable modem at home. Road Runner probably blocks the outgoing SMTP like Cox does.

    Because I am a Verizon user, I was able to change my outgoing SMTP settings to use Verizon's network for outgoing mail...although I still use the same "reply to" address...take a look here:

    under "Wireless Carrier SMTP Configurations"

    Just look up your carrier and follow the instructions.

    I hope this helps!
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    Yes, Time Warner prohibits relaying on their SMTP servers, meaning that unless you are using a client on their network you can't send mail. The workarounds as linked above, however, are simple and just as effective.
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    This is simple if you search previous threads...set outgoing mail server as and your mail will be sent...key in user/pass for smpt and u will be set...

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