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    Any new progress on the above feature enhancements? Timeline available?
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    I've been thinking about getting this app for a while. A lot of these improvements (specially the adjustable light balance) would be a welcome addition.
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    Just uploaded 149 photos from our trip to NYC and once again had to upload 5 pictures at a time and change the category for each picture individually and manually because of the limited online control panel. When is this going to be addressed? I want to be able to upload a bunch of photos into a category quickly. Why do I need to navigate to find each photo? Why can I only do 5 at a time? Something that should have taken minutes took over an hour on my PC. Can't imagine doing it by Treo. Very frustrating.
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    Silly question maybe, but using Splashblog 2.01, how do I bring up the camera to take pictures? The manual says once in Splashblog, press the Camera button. Well I have a Treo 650, and it doesn't have a camera button. I have the pref set to "Open camera at launch", but still nothing.

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