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    I loaded yesterday, and have noticed and issue where the mailbox-view doesn't seem to refresh properly when a new email arrives. For example: My Treo600 is asleep (screen off) but Chatter is the "active" application. (not running the background) The blinking LED alerts me to a new email, but when I turn the screen on, it's not there.
    **Even pressing up and down on the rocker pad to navigate through the mailbox-view doesn't cause it to appear.***

    If I leave Chatter, then come back into the app again the email WILL appear. This happens about 1 out of every 7 or 8 new emails. Has anyone else noticed this??

    Also, I have seen a couple of resets when sending an email. This NEVER happened in probably the last 3 months' worth of releases. Not sure if something's changed in the SMTP stuff....?
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    I've seen the screen update thing; not sure what's going on just yet.

    I don't know of any sending specific reset issues. There are issues with "Nudge" (fixed in 1.0.4b3) and SSL that could cause resets, though. Send a log if you'd like, and I'll check it out.


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