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    I'm with T-Mobile right now and I love them, but reception is still an issue. I also want the EDGE data speeds. I had some questions about the service. I've read the forums but want to see a concrete answer.

    Can I use the $24.99 data plan with the TREO and get EDGE speeds? They quoted me the $39.99 plan but I inquired about the 24.99 option, and they stated that I would only see GPRS speeds. That doesn't make much sense to me, but he later said that is b/c most phones don't support EDGE so that could be a reason. Can someone explain?

    How exactly does rollover work? Does it only roll over your leftover plan minutes (ie if I use 200 of 450 minutes, the 250 will rollover) or does it rollover the already rolled-over minutes (ie if I had 300 minutes rolled over from last month, and I only use 300 this month out of 450 min, does 150 get rolled over, or 450)?

    When will the ATT and cingular towers fully merge?

    Any other issues I should know about? And is the January birthdays bug an issue with GSM treo 650's too? If you don't know what I'm talking about, that is when January birthdays cause the device to lock up or something. Thanks for the help everyone!
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    yes, you'll get EDGE with the $24.99...they tell you otherwise to get you to fork out 40 bucks a month
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    I'd recommend you sign up for service with Cingular, but don't port your number until you are 100% happy with the phone and the service.
    If you port your number day one, then have a problem with reception or the phone, you're stuck with Cingular. This way you get to try the service for a few weeks, then port your number when you know everything is okay.
    I held off porting my number to Sprint and it saved me a bunch of headaches, as I found out that Sprint was not the provider for me.
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    gadgetluva - you can port the number over, but be careful. i was switching from tmobile to cingular, and bought the 650 from palmone with a new cingular plan. they weren't supposed to port my number over until i received the 650 and activated it. due to some kind of mix up (that others on this board have experienced as well), my number was ported over before palmone even SHIPPED out my 650. so, i was left with no working phone until the 650 arrived. so, either get the phone/contract with cingular but wait to port your number over until after you've received your phone, or be prepared to run out and get a temporary sim card (that will not have your number on it) when/if they cancel your old sim card prematurely.

    i was VERY displeased with the cingular service in my area, and just reactivated my tmobile account today. my number should be porting back within 2 to 48 hours. so, it CAN be undone, but it will be a headache.

    good luck.
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    I ported 2 numbers from T-Mo to Cing and activated a third. My account was pretty messed up, but they fixed it all *(if you plan on staying, tell them you are thinking of leaving and they may offer you a couple free months - they id for me)

    Scan the boards here, because if you can stand getting a new number, apparently someone (wirefly maybe) is apparently offering an extermely cheap 650 - like $100 - with a contract.

    My Cingular service is significantly better than T-Mo (PA, NJ, MI so far).

    They did screw up the port and I had to take my wife's phone on a business trip as I did not have the handset yet.

    A Cing rep told me the new 64k SIM was to account for the ATT Towers as well as Cing. All I can tell you is I have NEVER had a decent connection from Philly north on the turnpike, and last week had a solid, no drop call for 60 minutes on the turnpike. Once I got off the main road, where the TMO died completely, I had a strong signal all the way to my destination.

    hope this helps
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    btw, Cingular Edge is probably twice as fast as T-Mo

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