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    I have a Sprint Treo 600. The voicemail, icon stays on even tho I have no voicemail or messages. Have tried soft boot, no help, icon won't go away.
    Also, my son has a Sprint phone and everytime he tries to call me, my phone does not ring, instead reboots. We have tried it several times with the same results. Any idea's? I tried Sprint support, they were no help.
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    Plug the Treo into the wall charger and see if it does the same while pluged in.
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    Burkhardi, just tried that, no luck. He says it rings on his end and goes straight to voicemail. My phone just reboots. I do not have this problem with other calls from Sprint phones.
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    Try to delete him from your contacts and see if that works, if you have him on speed dial delete that too. So it's only from your son then, perhaps a corupt file. Try that and see what you get. Too weird..
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    Try this:

    From the Phone screen...
    Press the MENU key.
    Select "Options".
    Select "Phone Preferences".
    Tap the "Clear Voicemail Icon" button.

    All Better?
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    Thanks Widdy, that worked. Wonder why Sprint tech support does not know about his!
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    I removed him from speed dial, didn't work. I then removed him from speed dial and phone book, now it works. Strange!
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    I was thinking it was in the Contacts/Phone Book. Try to add him back now. It was just a corrupt file I assume, when he would call the Treo could pull up that data from the contacts and reset.

    I assumed that Sprit told you what Widdy told you ..LOL so much for assumptions.
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    I had this problem yesterday. I called my voicemail, no messages. I tried to send myself a voicemail. Then I checked, and deleted it. Icon gone. Weird.

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    That worked for me, too. Curious.
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    The sticky VM icon has happened to me a couple of times & I just do as suggested above to remove it. Somes things just get stuck.
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    I have had the #1 beside the VM icon since day 1 with my sprint treo 650. I tried the :
    From the Phone screen...
    Press the MENU key.
    Select "Options".
    Select "Phone Preferences".
    Tap the "Clear Voicemail Icon" button.

    , but it did not work for me....Jay

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