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    This has happened to me twice now, since getting my 650 on Feb.15th. After partially receiving a MMS message I get an error message saying it was not able to fully retreive the message, the network connection was interupted. I select the "Go to the Msg" button and then select the "Fetch" button. The message and attachment is then fully retrieved and the GPRS icon (green arrows) disappears from the signal strength icon.

    Everything 'appears' to go back to normal function...but I'm guessing it's at that point it starts to overheat. Both times when this has happened, after getting the message to download sucessfully, I have put the Treo back in it's case and 1/2 an hour to an hour later, when I next used was so hot I could hardly hold it!

    The screen was dim, barely visible. The buttons or touch screen were unresponsive or extremely slow. Both times I removed the battery cover and did a soft reset. Let it cool down before restarting. Both times it ate up 1/2 the battery power while it was 'stuck'.

    I hate to think what might happen if it remained 'stuck' in this mode for a longer period of time. It was so hot it was had to hold. I'm concerned it might have damaged the battery or other components.

    I know P1 monitors this forum. Rather than me spending hours on hold trying to get thru to tech about a PM from someone who can address this issue, please.

    Is anyone else here seeing this happen?
    Treo 650 GSM Unlocked-TMobile
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    I think you might want to try and get a replacement.
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    I'm hesitant to return this for what may not be a hardware issue, as in every other respect the phone is perfect. Perfect screen, no sticky keyboard keys, good call quality...just a few random resets that #*377 shows as being caused by the phone app. I'm afraid I would get a refurb back that has even more hardware issues!

    I'm hoping there is a software fix for this...
    Treo 650 GSM Unlocked-TMobile
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    Not being able to hold your device sounds like a major defect to me.

    Seems if others were having that problem it would have been posted several times by now...
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    my god, get a replacement...mine was perfect.
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    What he replacement Treo 650 is perfect...I'm very happy.
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    I emailed P1 customer support...seemed better than waiting on hold all day. Already got a receipt (automated) back. It said they would respond within 12 hours...I'll see what they say. Looks like I'm the only one here that this is happening to, or certainly others would have reported it by now. I'm thinking it's just an issue with the TMo network/MMS app not shutting down properly after a failed message delivery attempt. Since that seems to be the ONLY thing that triggers it. It doesn't get hot under any other circumstances.
    Treo 650 GSM Unlocked-TMobile
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    On my Sprint 650, if I use the radio constantly, like reading TreoCentral, and begin charging a mostly-discharged battery, I have similar issues.

    I think using the radio a lot, combined with using the processor a lot, combined with charging the battery, causes issues.


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