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    This morning, my Sprint '650 wouldn't sync, with windows producing a 'bad USB device' error. I then tried to sync on my other computer with a different hotsync cable and it worked. I verified that hotsync cable #2 works with no problems on both computers and the original cable doesn't work on either.

    The Palm1 web site suggests that Sprint should handle warranty repairs, but when I called they said that they will only service the phone, not accessories.

    How should I proceed??

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    Tell them it was included with the phone, in the same box.
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    Oh, Sprint handles all this stuff.

    You deserve a free replacement, but if it turns out to be a real hassle, you might just want to buy a replacement from some place like the TC store or Dan's Cellular Accessories on Ebay.
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    Go to your nearest Sprint store & they will replace it on the spot!
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    Phil--I've had a random problem w/ my cable as well. I was able to get it to work by cancelling the sync and then trying again (a few times I had to plug and unplug the cable from the Treo650). I wasn't aware of a widespread problem with the cable.
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    Try a reset by pressing the internal button. Mine did this just this morning, it would connect but identify itself with a new/bogus USB deviceid. One reset and it was back to normal. ???

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