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    Is there any directions like this for us New Sprint Treo 650 users?
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    Great thread ZBoater! I wish this was here a month ago...I've spent countless hours re-hardsetting and re-entering because of 3rd party apps. After 4 hard resets I finally used common sense and did it your way...2 days ago. This would have been EXTREMELY helpful from the start~thanks! They should put it somewhere more accessible, though. I went through 4 pages of threads before I stumbled upon it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by m99
    I just got my treo650 today. I follow all the instructions above but I have one question. If I remove the Palm desktop software, how do I get my contacts and calendar entries from my old treo600 to the new one?
    Maybe this is the long way to do it, but it' the only way I felt I had a virgin installation.
    For contacts, calendar and memos I went to 1. "edit" - select all 2. "file" - export 3. name file. Then, when your 650 software is newly installed, hit "file" - import.
    To save time I entered my categories on the desktop and handheld first so imported data would fall into the right ones. Then I added docs to go documents one-by-one with the "add" button. All I ended up with was a fresh desktop with personal info only. I am not new to Palm but I am not at all tech-literate. But by using TC I have successfully changed Sims and loaded 26 additional crash/reset free apps. You guys are all great!
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    Not only nominated for sticky, but perhaps also for inclusion to the Treo 650 "built-in Welcome" application, or a quick-start guide in the box!
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    It appears that this problem was due to a software implementation issue on the Treo 650. The new version of the Treo 650 firmware fixes the problem.

    This incompatibility was not due to an error on any specific brand/model of SIM card.
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    great article.2 questions.....
    1) if i uninstall Palm software to begin, how will I avoid having to retype in my Contacts? I'd like to be able to save those.

    2) How do I install a new ringtone that I have downloaded?

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    Great post!

    The only gripe is that I have to drop more dineros on Backup Software and Clean Uninstall Software.
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    Great post ZBoater. Here's a tip to go in your troubleshooting list: After a reset or crash, open the phone's error log by switching to the phone and dialing: #*377 and then hit dial

    I've been getting random resets and slow downs on my Treo 650 with a year and half old SIM card. So...

    Step 1. I installed the 1.04 update and did a hard reset, with no additions. No contacts, no scheduling, no apps, nothing added. Phone would reset and slow down randomly.

    Step 2. I called up Cingular and had them deactivate (it's permanent) my old SIM and enable the SIM that came with the phone (sadly GEMPLUS). Cingular claims that the SIMs aren't causing these problems. Of course we all know that PalmOne released the 1.04 patch to address a SIM issue. With the new SIM, I'm still getting the slow downs and the resets. I'm now tracking the error log which leads me to step three.

    Step 3. Friday I'll call Cingular and have them send me out a new phone or SIM card and report the following growing error log to them:

    A crash occurred on 1/1/03 at 12:30 am while running “Phone”: ../ATCmds/SeriallO.c,Line:496, Error Communicating with the Radio
    A reset was caused on 4/14/05 at 10:56 pm while running “Phone”: HALRadioAcDc.c, Line:441, Host wake not asserted in time

    I hope someday when the firmware patch is released that it fixes these issues... but I'm not going to wait for "someday." My friends have Cingular Treo 650s that don't crash this often.
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    Now would a 32k SIM card work well with the T650? I should hopefully be getting my T650 today but in my old phone (Cingular of course) I have a 32k SIM card but it doesn't have a 'G' or 'A' at the end of anything on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joker9989
    Now would a 32k SIM card work well with the T650? I should hopefully be getting my T650 today but in my old phone (Cingular of course) I have a 32k SIM card but it doesn't have a 'G' or 'A' at the end of anything on it.
    My 650 works just fine with the old 32K (no G or A) SIM from my Nokia GAIT phone. It wasn't even a problem with the original firmware - you should be fine.
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    It will work fine with a 32K SIM. I think the new SIMs (64K) have some network auto selection software the 32K SIMs don't, but I've read some nasty things over at Howard Forums about the new supposedly "smart" 65K chips.
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    I called Cingular, and a replacement Treo 650 is on the way for my buggy phone (slow downs and resets). I'll be using the same GEMPLUS SIM with the replacement. I'll let you know if it exhibits the same behavior.
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    This is fantastic! Thanks for taking the time to do this.
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