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    it will cause a never ending reset I hae to give up my first 650 over this....on a side note pxa clocker doesn't mess up the OS but does not run right on rom, right now on rom I have
    card export 2
    Palm VNC
    dope wars
    all are working ok @ this time I'm going to load ebook reader and warfare inc on there as well tonight 10meg of ram free is nice if anyone has questions I can try to help via pm or on this thread
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    you may want to try the existing thread on apps that do/don't work in custom roms. search
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    I don't think any app that needs to "run in the background" will work properly from ROM.
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    chatter has been reported to work in rom...I don't know first hand though.
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    dutch I started that thread and posted in it but it caused me to need a new phone I wanted to give it a seprate thread for it
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    ouch....sorry, I didn't read carefully enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb
    I don't think any app that needs to "run in the background" will work properly from ROM.
    Wny not?
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    zlauncher works doesn't that run in the backround?
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    I've run ZLauncher from my rom, but there are some strange quirks -- I cannot delete apps from the card any more.
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    I have directory assist on my custom ROM with no problems at all.
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    I think the original poster means "Desk Accessory" and not "Directory Assistant" by DA, but I'm not 100% sure.
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    Funny I have PXA Clocker, Chatter and Zlauncher in ROM and they all run just fine.
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    Zlauncher runs for me in ROM just fine - no problems deleting apps.

    Amazing how variable ROM is.......

    I will say however since installing the custom ROM I have no resets (been running it for 2 weeks so far). Versamail must be a major culprit......
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    Directory Assistant really messed up my phone...i.e. looping resets needed to bring my phone back to sprint...pxa worked for me for a day and then wouldnt let me overclock???
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    Not sure what the original 'DA' was in the subject, but Directory Assistant is a great app. After installing my first custom rom Directory Assistant would cause a reset every time. However, after uninstalling and then reinstalling the app it has worked flawlessly. One of the most useful apps I have.

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