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    In Versamail, if I get (ie, download) a message (from Sprint PCS, say) and then delete it on my Treo (but not on the server) and also delete the trash on my Treo (but not the server), it seems that if I change my mind and want to re-get that message, I cannot, even if I don't ask to get only unread messages. So, there are messages on the server that I simply cannot get (again). Right? If not, how can I get those messages? Thanks.
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    By deleting in VM and emptying the trash the next get should have retrieved it again(which technically is a bug)..... Are you sure the message is still on the server?
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    Yes, message is still on the server. What does "deleting in VM" mean? What's "VM?" To be clear, I've downloaded the mesage to the Treo, read it, deleted it on the Treo and then change my mind and want it back.

    And, I'll take an answer that's a bug. Thanks for replying.

    BUT: I just tested thinga again and now I can get the message. Baffled.
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    VM= Versamail
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    Sorry about the truncation...

    Deleting in VM is, select message, select delete, do not select delete on server. Next, select empty trash from the menu. After that it *should* come back, at least for POP.

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