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    Anyone here think these look at all familiar? Notice the slight curve of the keyboard . . .

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
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    Things in nature tend to converge to useful designs. Can't accuse dolphins (which are mammals) of trying to imitate fish, now can we? Don't worry, I'm sure PalmOne's lawyers are digging deep for any chance of a patent-infringement suit...
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    Wanna bet both are built by HTC?
    Pilot Pro -> Vx w/Omnisky ->Kyo 6035 ->Kyo 7135 ->Treo 650->iPhone 2G->iPhone3G ->Pre 3?
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    Nah, I'm sure RIMM will be them to the punch since, you know, only RIMM could have possibly thought of the idea of putting a keyboard on a mobile device
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    No Bluetooth? Game over...

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    and if you want wifi you can't have SD.
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