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    bait and switch posting method
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    thank, found it, downloaded what? is there a tutorial somewhere on how to do this, I am really interested in the capabilities (cctv survelience, etc.) Thanks.
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    Pretty easy setup of VNC. Unzip the file. Then there should be a file VNC server.exe or something like that. Run that. It will create a system tray icon. Then you need to get the .prc onto the palm.

    Additionally, you need to know the ip address that your cable modem has. This is the server address you need to access the desktop. You also need to forward the port (5900 is default) to the computer running the server from your router.

    All of this assumes you have a router between the desktop and the cable modem/WAN.

    I get around having to know the address by using another free program offers. You set up a domain name, then this program updates that domain name with whatever your current ip is. Basically, it allows you to connect through a name to a dynamic IP address. Not required, but allows you to never look up your address.

    Let me know if you need more help!
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    Thank-you, when I did a search for vnc, it did not have the .prc file, (kinda important) so I did another search for the .prc file and will try it out, wow what a great program if I can get it to work, the possibilities are endless!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterGibbons
    VNC---Google UltraVNC. They have a free palm client and a vnc server for your desktop at home. Open the right ports in the router and be you your way to total access.
    Open the right ports in your router, while VNC sends your password in the
    clear ... sounds like a real bright idea?

    Seriously, I use VNC all the time on my laptop to my desktop at work,
    but I do it over a VPN. I can't believe that people are this lax about
    security (or do people just not realize how insecure they are being because
    it happens under the covers)?
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    If you like being able to click phone numbers and dial them, then you should try TreoSelecText . This software allows you to select numbers and urls and dial/connect to them in Calendar/Memo, which you can not do without it.
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