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    I'm obviously a big fan of Star Trek but I'm not quite ready to be assimilated by the Borg.

    I find that most bluetooth headsets are somewhat large and flashy, probably in some part a marketing gimmick, and seeing people walking around with these flashing devices latched to their heads reminds me of watching the borg.

    Are there any small and conservative bluetooth headsets out there that look somewhat professional for the workplace and of course work well with the 650?
    Thanks for your suggestions.
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    Try the Bluespoon AX. I have one and it works great with the 650. It's a wee little thing, and recharges via USB. No complaints from any callers. All have said it sounds great!
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    The Nokia HDW-3 has had good user reviews. It's a second generation headset and they seem to have ironed out the problems users experienced with the hdw-2. It's also pretty inexpensive ($ ) compared to many other headsets.
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    Thanks for the suggestions! I like them both. I will do some reading and research on these before I finally choose one. My first impression is to go for the smaller Bluespoon...
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    Although bigger than the Bluespoon, the SE-HBH-660 has no flashing lights and works very well with the Treo.
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    i actually like the form factor of the jabra bt200/250/250v because the bulk of the headset sits covered by your ear... and the flashing light is facing toward the back and is very dim. however i now use a bt800 and the first day i wore it someone remarked- hows it going spock! :-)
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    Well I went ahead and ordered the Bluespoon AX from
    There is a disclaimer on the site about poor performance of bluetooth headsets in general with the Treo 650 but based on ArtGuy's experience I decided to give this one a try.
    Blueheadsets.Com is also having a promo and throwing in the wall and auto chargers with the AX. The only hiccup is that they are backordered but expect new stock before March 10th. I'll just have to wait it out...

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