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    I have done a search about upgrading from old treo's, but they are all from the treo 180 and up, what is the best way to upgrade my info from a treo 90
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    I just upgraded to a Treo 650 from a 600. My wife had a Treo 90 and we did a upgrade for her to my Treo 600. The procedure you would use going to a Treo 650 is identical. You make sure that you've sync'ed the data from the 90, you rename the backup folder, you install the new Hotsync Manager from the Treo 650 and then sync the Treo 650.

    I upgraded from the Treo 600 to a Treo 650 and the 90 --> 600 procedure was the same. See here for details.
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    Man you are behind!

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