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    I just bought BackupBuddyVFS Professional 3.07 and run it on the Treo 650.

    I noticed that after doing a backup, the Backup log indicates most of the files as "Current", but the files below are "Excluded".
    - AddressDB
    - DatebookDB
    - MemoDB
    - ToDoDB

    Does this mean my data is not getting backup? My addresses, datebook, memo and to do are the most important aspects of my data.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Got a quick reply from Bluenomad support

    "Thanks for your message. BBVFS and BB for Windows automatically exclude
    older "legacy" files on newer devices like the T5 and Treo 650. These new
    devices have different filenames for these databases. For example, DatebookDB file was renamed to Calendar.. AddressDB is renamed to Contacts...

    The reason is for better synchronization with Outlook. The old files
    are still on the devices to allow migration from an old device to a new
    one. Other than that the legacy files are useless and actually can cause a
    problem if you were to restore them instead of the newer files. This is why they are "excluded". We apologize for any confusion.. not to worry, your data is indeed backed up. :"
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    Thanks for the info Robin.
    I'm also thinking seriously of purchasing BackupBuddy VFS for my 650.
    Please post any other problems, if any, and your experiences in general.
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    I agree they are 'useless', but then why does the dang system recreate them after a reset?
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    Actually, Blue Nomad is absolutely wrong, both about the reason the legacy databases are there, and about them being useless. Lord, I can't believe a major Palm software player is so misinformed.

    The old database formats are there NOT to allow migration from an old device (although that is a benefit), but to ensure compatibility with 3rd party apps that were designed to use the standard databases and don't understand the new formats.

    Apps like ToDo Plus, Datebk5, and most 3rd party calendaring apps, were designed to read and write to the standard, legacy format databases (although the latest 'p7' version for the Treo 650 and T5 have been upgraded to support the new formats). If you use an app that's expecting the old database, and it isn't there, the app will fail. Period.

    So if you use a 3rd party calendar app, odds are the data you need is NOT being backed up. Should you have to restore from the SD card, you'll be stuck using the O&M calendar until such time as the OS decides to recreate the duplicate database. BlueNomad should make this a configurable option.

    I've used BlueNomad software for years, but latelly their designers seem to have gotten rather arrogant, deciding that they know more than I do about what should be backed up, and when my datafiles should be overwritten.
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    Disagree - those files are recreated dynamically by the data manager when a legacy app tries to open them. They can be deleted without any problem at all, they come right back as needed. And, they definitely do cause problems if they're not in sync with the new databases, so I wouldn't try to back them up...
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    The data must be getting backed up. Numerous folks throughout these threads have stated that BackupBuddy does backup and restore their data and they use the third party apps.
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    Yup, BackupBuddy backs up your data. It restores it too.
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    I have hard reset and restored numerous times with BBVFS. I also use Datebk5. Whatever BlueNomad is works.
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