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    Hi, I have two 650's. One on Sprint using Business Connection to fetch and sync with Exchange mail in my office. It works great with sent, read, and deleted messages syncing remotely from Treo to Desktop.

    How can I find something similar for the Treo 650 on AT&T GSM? Is there anything similar to the functionality of B.C., which even syncs Calendar both ways and accesses my coporate address book? I can't use POP because Exchange downloads the mail off the server, and even if I happen to get to it first, Exchange will not download the read mail.

    I would just be happy to sync the mail remotely!

    Help anyone?

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    I am on ATTWS and have total push e-mail lile a Blackberry now. I downloaded chatteremail and opened a free fastmail account. mmode does not support IDLE so you have to set a schedule to have it autosync. I configured the IMAP with the fastmail server and the SMTP with the mmode attwireless server for ourbound e-mail. I ahve the settings for responding to e-mail and such set to my corporate e-mail so when I respond to people they think it has come from my work e-mail.
    I created a rule in Outlook to forward e-mail to my fastmail account which means I can turn it on and off when I like. I also do not need to leave my laptop on and at work like you have to with BC.

    My e-mails shoot down instantly to my Treo 650 as soon as they come into my work Inbox. FANTASTIC PROGRAM and a Blackberry killer!!

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