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    Just got my unlocked GSM treo 650 and noticed that the keyboard light is not only dimmer but the color is not white like my Sprint Treo 650. It more of a brownish, purplish white.

    Has anyone else noticed the difference between the Sprint and GSM treo keyboards? Or is mine a flaw...

    Thanks in advance
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    You'll notice that the keyboard light now dims and brightens when you change the screen brightness (keyboard light was permanently bright on the Sprint Treo). Crank up the screen brightness all the way and you should see the keyboard backlight match the brightness and color of the Sprint one.
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    Interesting! I didn't even notice that. I had screen brightness very low, and wondered why the keyboard light was as dim as my old Treo 600 and not as bright as my Treo 650!

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    Mine keyboard doesn't dim. I have unlocked my treo. Any suggestions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rschreier
    Mine keyboard doesn't dim. I have unlocked my treo. Any suggestions?
    It isn't really a factor of the device being unlocked, it's the firmware version on the device. The 650's that shipped from palmOne direct, unlocked and unbranded by carriers, have firmware 1.14 or 1.15, which includes the update to allow dimming both the keyboard and the screen. The Spring and Cingular models have earlier firmware versions without this feature. You'll need a firmware update (hopefully to be released by the carriers and/or palmOne soon) to get this feature.

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