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    I was wondering if anybody had any luck buying a Treo 650 off of Ebay. I see a lot of them up for sale but Im very wary of them because a lot of the sellers have 0's for feedback and have a membership date as of Feb '05. I also saw this listing ( which if I am reading it correctly the seller is making you pay him $9.99 to buy the phone through him and his "rebate". The pricing is the same as TC for new customers though. Am I missing something here?
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    As a long-time EBay junkie...If it looks too good to be true, it probably is, and always beware the new listers.
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    yup i just got jacked on ebay for my treo 650
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    I see bidding wars over them & the price going higher than what I can order it from palmOne for.
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    this one looks good but i dont recommend the treo 650 myself,
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    Not all Treo 650 sales on eBay are scams. I may be selling my Sprint Treo 650 in a couple of weeks. I'm interviewing for a job in the Middle East and will need to change over to a GSM phone. I'll be getting another Treo 650, no doubt about it. I've had a few minor glitches, but overall I love the thing. I'll probably wind up putting out the full $700 for a new unlocked GSM phone from Pa1mOne, and trying to recoup part of the $500 ($650 incl. tax - $150 rebate) I spent on the current phone. My eBay handle is the same one I use here, so it should be easy to spot. Not a lot of eBay sales, but membership since 1999 and 100% positive feedback.
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    I have bought and sold a few on ebay - can't say I never had a problem , but it has always worked out well.

    The rule ALWAYS applies - If it looks too good to be true, it is ! Other than that, use your credit card to pay as this might offer some protection.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Needatreo650
    this one looks good but i dont recommend the treo 650 myself,
    Yes, looks legit, but think about what you're doing: the price with shipping is $538.48 (including shipping). You can go to PalmOne right now and order the same phone - brand new with FULL WARRANTY for $549 with free overnight shipping. This is getting to be the norm on eBay these days; prices are way too high for "Buy it Now" or bidders bid the items up well past market value.
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    I actually purchased mine on ebay for 399.00 it was an attw 650 and cingular unlocked it for me. everyday I grow happier with my new phone

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