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    I just bought a Cingular 650 and it rocks, but I have an issue trying to capture video at 352x288. When I press the button to record I get a Video Error “unable to encode the video”. The lower resolution works fine, but only errors with the hi res camcorder. Has anyone else had this issue? Help!

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    I don't have the problem. Tried both res. and record to either internal or to my 1 Gig SD card. ( I have 9.6 megs left in internal memory)

    Check your internal memory or sd card. You may not have enough left to accomodate the hi-res files.
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    JimmyMack - how much memory do you have available. A friend of mine has this problem as well and has 8.4M free which makes me think it's unrelated to amount of free memory.

    For comparison, he's running software version 650-1.02-CNG hardware rev A. You can get your info via Options->Phone Info from the Phone app. You running the same thing?
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    I’m thinking it’s a memory problem related to goodlink, but I still have 3.9 free. My company installed goodlink and when goodlink is NOT running my hi-res camera works fine. When good link is loaded and running the camera does not recorded hi-res. Lovely. Any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyMack
    Any suggestions?
    Sure, don't use the camera in hi-res when Goodlink is running.
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    Unfortunately, once Goodlink is running, it stays running until I do a soft re-set…..what a pain.

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    Discussion continued starting in post 186 over here

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