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    Can anyone tell me if they have used the new Motorola HS850 BT Headset with the Treo 650, and what kind of results they have gotten?

    I just purchased a Treo 650 unlocked with Cingular service, and have one of the first Jabra Freespeak Headsets released from a previous phone, which works with my Treo 650 but does not automatically transfer calls and is now basically a POS.

    I really like the look and features of the HS850, but I do not want to waste the time to order and return it if it is not going to work well.

    Any input on this would be appreciated. If not the HS850, after reading the posts on this site, my backups are the Scala 500 or the SE HBH 660 (or 662).

    Thanks you in advance for the feedback........
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    I tried the Hs850. Whisper quiet with the Treo 650. Returned it, now have the HBH 660 and have been happy ever since.
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    was this with a cdma or gsm treo? coz from what i've read so far, bluetooth headsets perform better with the gsm version as compared to the cdma one.

    the moto hs850 is my fav headset too... haven't got a treo yet but will give it a shot when i get my hands on one.

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