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    Is anybody else having a problem with the Treo 650 messaging application causing resets?

    I keep getting the same error. After a soft reset while in the messaging application (this is usually while deleting a message), I do a ##377 and find the same error:

    "A reset was caused while running 'Messaging': VFSDBCache.c, Line:3539, found trailing records after dir sync"

    Does anybody know what this means? I get a bunch of text messages everyday from friends, stock quotes, weather updates, news, etc. - it doesn't seem to matter who it comes from.

    Alternatively, are there any other replacement messaging applications I can use that are better than the built-in app?
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    Are you using Agendus? I had a similiar problem and upgraded to the newest version(9.03) and it went away
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    I have not seen that error but here is another perhaps related error

    I've had my Cingular Treo650 since the 1st week they were available and I have had nothing but reset after reset. I learned from another thread how to pull up the cause of the system crashes (#*377) and this is the error message I have received 3 times today (the longest I have gone without a reset is 3 days):

    "A crash occured on 3/3/05 at 4:41pm while running "Messaging":

    ...Src/MessageStoreMain.c, Line:116, Unable to load 504F4D4F, 050A"

    I don't even use Messaging - not even once. I am giving up on this phone and returning it to Cingular to exchange for a new one unless someone can help. I've tried several tricks found in these forums before I identified this specific error message incl: leaving ~10mb free, disabling auto network time, etc. Thank you in advance for any input anyone may have
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    Take a look at this thread, especially post #8.
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    I think I tried that a day or two ago but I will try again to be sure. Also, I have only the stock apps installed while trying to sort this out
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    Quote Originally Posted by ERicJ
    Take a look at this thread, especially post #8.
    Interesting...I'll try deleting them and see if the problem comes back.

    This is on an Agendus-free Treo.
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    Awww...I had another reset (after deleting those databases). This is too bad, since I use my messaging app more than any other app. =(

    This time, the message is different - now it says "error opening msIUID." Any thoughts?
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    I have deleted those files you list in the other thread but they keep coming back (FYI - received the exact same rerror message as I listed above this AM). Can I prevent these files from returning? I never use Messaging and never use VersaMail (conduit disabled). I have just gone through the Newbie Cingular treo 650 thread and followed zboater's instructions (most of which I have tried, but perhaps not in that exact order - so many resets, it's hard to recall). I will see if the stability lasts through the weekend. I have also gone through Palmone's process of renaming the VersaMail folder just for kicks.

    Any thoughts - thank you to anyone for help..
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    Those files will keep coming back, they're the messaging database files. But when created from scratch they should be clean, i.e. not corrupted and causing crashes.

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