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    Hi... I'm trying Chatter for the first time, and so far, I have to say that I love it! Much better than Versamail.

    I have about 10 years worth of email on an Imap server. It's sorted into about 1100 folders (yes... I'm anal) that are all subfolders of INBOX. I would like to have those 1100 folders listed on my Treo 600 in Chatter. I don't want to keep them all in sync, and I don't need them all "online".

    What I want to be able to do is to read the mail that comes into my inbox, and then sort/move individual emails into the folders I want to store them in. I want to do this using chatter.

    My problem is that I can't get chatter to load my folder list. When it's trying to load the folder list, is it also trying to load all the emails in the folders? It runs for about an hour, and then there is usually some sort of disconnect (don't know if it's chatters fault or not).

    Is it possible to have a list of 1000 folders in Chatter that are on the Imap server, but are "offline" in Chatter, and sort mail into them from the INBOX in Chatter?

    Also, I used the New Mailbox feature in Chatter to tell Chatter about a couple of the sub-folders of INBOX on the server. Chatter then downloaded all the messages in those sub-folders from the server, so it can obviously see them on the server. But, when I try to move a message from my INBOX to one of these sub-folders using Chatter, it can only see the INBOX, but not the sub-folders in the menu for moving messages in Chatter? I've tried using the rocker button, but INBOX is not expanding. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

    I am using Chatter

    Many thanks to anyone who can help me with any of these issues!!
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    My guess is that the sheer number of folders is screwing things up; indeed, I'd be pretty sure of it.

    I think the only thing you can do is check the "Subscribed Only" box in "Delivery" and then subscribe to those folders that you want to be able to reference via Chatter (via a PC client). I'd say you should be able to do at least 100-200, but I'm not positive.

    Is that acceptable?

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    Hey Marc... thanks for your help. I didn't realize I could use a PC client to mark folders as subscribed. I marked the ones i use most often as subscribed, and now it's working great! Chatter is the best email software yet! Thanks!
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    Great; glad to be able to help!


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