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    Has anyone figured out how to get them to do this--short of just plain paying full price ($600 less $150 rebate) for the 650?

    Right now, my third 600 is going to have to be replaced while still in warranty. Sprint says they will replace only with 600 and no way to upgrade.

    I wonder--and inquiring minds want to know...
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    I got my 650 via replacement of my 4th 600. the tech and ast mngr got sick of my returning them. well that and my ranting about what a POS the 600 was. it prolly helped that #4 had the same cookie issues right out of the box. I didn't leave the store, they ordered my 650 that night.
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    Got my 650 replacement from Sprint last week as 600 #4 went down. I went through the customer service # rather than the store (tried at the store the week before after my wife's 600 went down for the 3rd time) and explained that I'd had multiple exchanges and just asked for the 650. They sent it out 2 day air without a question.
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    Ha good luck!! I had to beg and plead with higher ups at sprint and still obly got a 600 to replace my 3rd broken unit. They are aware that people are pulling the carpet from under their feet in some cases and a preventing that from happening. Good luck!
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