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    Over on the forums a Voicesignal employee has given the reason why voice dialing doesn't currently work with bluetooth headsets (you can see the original post here):
    Quote Originally Posted by VST1 (on the forum)
    Hi - great question since it comes up a lot on various threads...

    This is really a question for Palmone since our app is agnostic to the wherever the audio comes from (i.e. - handset mic, wired headset, BT headset, car-kit, etc...). By this I mean that it is really not a VoiceSignal issue of "supporting BT" b/c to us, the phone platform just delivers sound to us and we don't care where it came from.

    The answer to this question is that on Treo 650, the BT sound is not made available to Palm OS apps (where we reside) as it is exclusively for the phone side. Thus, NO Treo 650 apps can get to it!

    As an example of how users would LIKE to see BT + VoiceSignal, I can point to the Motorola V710 (CDMA Verizon flip phone) where Motorola did the integration between BT audio and phone apps (in this case, not a PDA) and thus when the V710 user is connected via BT, they retain the ability to us VoiceSignal because the BT headset button will launch the VoiceSignal app and the user can control the phone just as if they were holding it up to their head, only this time over BT. So... point is, it can be done as you are probably looking for it... the question really is, when can Treo 650 deliver the same user experience.

    Palmone is very aware of this situation, if from nowhere else than from threads like this, but also from the Produce Reviewers out there who have picked it up. They will address this as soon as they can, but I would not hold my breath for it on 650 since it is an architectural issue.

    As with anything, the more users who ask for it, the more it becomes a priority.

    Our problem at VoiceSignal is that people are viewing this as a knock on the app when it is really out of our control

    In any case, this issue happens to be one that all of us here at VoiceSignal are now raising early on into new handset projects so that our OEM partners can plan accordingly. I expect that it will eventually become a standard and expected capability as more and more devices are launched with BT as well as with VoiceSignal - both of which are relatively new features in the whoe scope of the industry.

    hope this helps...
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    Interesting, thanks!
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    Kudos for posting drbob ... so when does that 700 FCS?

    Sticking with my newly unlocked 650 w/Cingular
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    p1 is always close to perfect,and always give us many to expect
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    WOW a REALLY STUPID move on P1's part. Who was dumb enough to allow this to happen.

    1. The possibility exists that many localities may ban handheld use of phones in autos. So no voice dial, no car kit or wireless headset use dialing = no legal use of phone for outgoing calls.

    2. Other applications cant be used that want audio. Like voice recording of notes over bluetooth since the apps cant get at the audio.

    I work for government, and I thought that we were the only place where fools can get promoted to a position of running the show!

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