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    I just got my Treo650 and this is the first bug I've encountered.

    I upgraded from a Tungsten E, and noticed that I can't edit my previously existing contacts using the Treo. I can enter edit mode and make my changes (e.g., changing a phone number or changing the category a particular contact is in), but when I finish and press "done," the contact reverts back to its original state as if I never made the changes. I've noted that this does not occur if I make a new contact using my Treo and then subsequently return to that contact to edit it. Also, I can still edit my old contacts on the desktop, too.

    Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

    Anyone else notice this problem?

    Much obliged.
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    That sounds like a corrupt contacts database. I would delete the database on the Treo using Filez and on hotsync set it for PC to overwrite handled once. See if that helps.
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    thanks for the advice.
    i actually got through to palmone support and they felt it was secondary to a compatibility issue on upgrade from my old palm. so they had me transfer all my databases to a new username, perform a hard reset, then sync the data to the treo under a new username. took awhile, but it worked. no more problems editing existing contacts.

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