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    If all the major providers offered the Treo right now - which one would yu go with?

    Basically all things being equal - which provider offers the best data plan/pricing/speed - that would make you go with it?

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    I have stingular, aside from sim cards and traveling to GSM only countries. Sprint is the one.
    Bad thing is that the voice quality on BT with Sprint 650's is bad
    my friend has a 650 with them and his BT headset sounds much worse than mine.
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    I use Sprint and have a BT headset that sounds fine... Although I can't say I've compared it to another T650 using another service. I can say my voice quality with a BT headset (Sony HBH-660) is just fine.

    If all offered a T650 I'd still be Sprint. Only Sprint offers an inusrance option. And although EDGE is faster in some areas I like CDMA. Just always been my personal preferance given my study of networking technologies. The CDMA infrastructure has a stronger future in terms of speed and bandwidth.

    I'd rather lock in with a good plan now that maybe I will be able to upgrade to a CDMA 3G plan next year when Sprint offers it.
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    Sprint works for me. Been with them for 4 years. Longer than I was with the ex wife. They're both *****es.

    Sprint has the cheapest (right?) unlimited data plan.

    I have no serious issues with anything but the phone volume.

    I like everything else so much that it makes it a tad easier to overlook some of the flaws.

    I'm happy with the Treo/Sprint option
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    AT&T/Cingular GSM works for me ALL over the WORLD
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    Coming from Verizon who had great customer service, and great network quality (but a very bad habit of nickle & diming you to death) I must say that I'm really pleasantly surprised with Sprint. Good network quality so far (no problems at all) ... decent customer service experience and MUCH cheaper data rates than VZW.

    I've had VERY bad experiences with Cingular in years past (and my company phone is Cingular so the experience lives on) .. so I'm not so eager to try them again. AT&T I might have, but not after the merger.

    I like GSM for the global aspect, but I solved that by purchasing a cheap GSM phone to use when traveling. (And CDMA 1xRTT is a bit faster than EDGE .. I'm getting between 90k and 120k data ... near ISDN speeds.)

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