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    As discussed earlier in this forum, there appears to be a problem with many if not all Treo 650s in that the system sounds often stop playing through the internal speaker if you plug in and unplug a headphone/headset into the headphone jack.

    I am on my second sprint Treo 650 with this problem.

    I have tried blowing canned air into the jack as someone suggested and I have tried plugging and unplugging repeatedly, but does not help.

    Hard reset also does not help. I think it is a hardware problem.

    I was wondering if any GSM 650 users have this problem, or if any Sprint users use the headphone jack regularly and do not have this problem.

    Thanks, Greg
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    The phone still thinks that the headset is in. Just plug it in and take it out again. It will work (or repeat till it does). Not really such a big deal.

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    How many times do you have to reinsert? I have tried multiple times. My 650 just started this problem today. Alarms will sound and I can use the speaker phone but no general system sounds, music, or any mp3 ringers (via ringo) will play on the speaker. Everything plays on headphones.
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    Greg - by the way - I am a sprint pcs user.
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    This shouldn't be happening. I am a sprint user and have not had this problem once. Take it back and get a new one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treotim
    This shouldn't be happening. I am a sprint user and have not had this problem once. Take it back and get a new one.
    i second this take it back because i use my phone for damn near 8 hours a day with headphones listening to music while at work and haven't had a problem to date..
    The only time I ever made a mistake was when i thought I did and was mistaken.
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    I have had this periodically but upon reinserting the headset and pulling it out the system sounds are fine. Get a new one.
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    Yup - Went to my sprint store. They confirmed it was not working and ordered me a new unit. My Treo has been pretty flawless until this last week. I have had it 6 weeks. I have experienced the soft reset problem with versa mail. I did the fix and then just stopped using it. Also have had the crackly head phone jack problem. Also experienced the power button not responding, requiring a soft reset before the unit would power on. This has happened randomly about 12 times during the 6 week period. Also have been having weird problems syncing with my company's oracle calendar program just in the past few days. Regardless of my sync settings, it fails to update some alarms or remove deleted meetings. No rhyme or reason that I can see. Also had a program "disappear" from my SD card last nite? It was there when I set my phone up to charge and completely gone the following morning. No sync or other use in between. Am pretty disappointed that this expensive of a device has been this problematic.
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    Repeated plugging and unplugging will eventually work.

    Is this a Sprint only problem, or are there any GSM users experiencing this?
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    I guess I have the opposite problem. System sounds (i.e., alarms, phone ringer) do NOT play through the headset, only through the internal Treo speaker. On my old 600, when I plugged in a headset and was listening to Mp3's, if I received a call, I would hear the ringer through the headset, and the phone itself would not ring. However, the exact opposite is happening with my 650 with the phone ringing and the headset not doing anything. Do I have a defective 650? (By the way, I've been living with this since last November figuring if it is broken, I can live with it until something else breaks!)
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    I had this problem several months ago, and asked this board for help. I was referred to Freedom, from The latest version, 1.3.5 completely resolves this issue. The apparent problem is a software conflict with one of the applications installed (mine was Bejeweled). Freedom, even the trial version, will overwrite the problem and correct the issue. All without the hassle of going to the Sprint store, sending phones back and forth, and then re-installing your apps.

    Good luck.


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