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    I am a new treo user and have little experience with the mail clients offered by both cingular[express mail] and palm one[versamail]. I use MS Office at work and would like to have mail email pushed to both desktop and treo.....any suggestions on which mail client I should set up. Versamail or Express mail? thanks for your help. -sogo

    p.s. - any other recomendations on software and setup are greatly appreciated.
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    Depending on the IT security restrictions at work, XpressMail is the only one of those two options that will provide you push type mail to your Treo. You do, however, have to leave your PC running at work with a XpressMail PC client running, and many IT shops frown at that.

    What I do is I have all my Outlook mail redirected to my personal POP account outside of work. My mail server supports the IMAP protocol, so I use Chatter ( to get my mail "pushed" to my Treo. I've been using it for a few weeks and, as a former Crackberry user <still have the shakes > I can tell you Chatter is AWESOME. Sometimes I am sitting at work, and I have Outlook configured to deliver my mail into a Personal Folder on my hard drive, and my Treo beeps with new mail BEFORE my Personal Folders get the message. Outstanding!!!!

    You can give Chatter a try for free, which is nice.
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    If you are running an exchange server you may also want to look into using Exchange ActiveSync which is native with Exchange Server 2003. If you use Exchange ActiveSync then you can use Versamail and your e-mail will be pushed to you. I would strongly suggest if Exchange ActiveSync is available to you that you go that route, or at least try it first. If Exchange ActiveSync is not an option for you, then I agree with ZBoater, Chattermail beats XpressMail hands down as long as you don't care about syncing the calendar. If calendar syncing is a must, then you need to go with XpressMail, but remember if you go that route will will have to leave your computer on 24/7.
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    I don't mind leaving my computer on (I do anyway) and I love xpressmail. The only problem is the annoying tag line that it attaches to each e-mail you send from the phone: A Cingular Wireless product

    Anyone know how to remove it?

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