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    Do you have to pay for it monthly or yearly or is it a one time purchase?

    Do you need some sort of a key or do you just get the app?

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    Wow. If it costs anything, that's yet another reason for Verichat. I had Verichat on my 600 even though AIM was free because it was *so* much better even though I'm an AIM-only user. If they're charging now, what a mess...
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    Wow, it's $19.95 . Unless you are a hardcore AOL user, it seems like VeriChat is a much better way to go.
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    Wow, I just want AIM. Screw Verichat; why would I want to pay yet another subscription?

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    Not sure about AOL vs AIM, but the AIM only software on the Treos has been buggy in the past (soft-reset loop city), so be careful...
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    An updated AIM, I mean.
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    I guess it depends on your usage. If you only want it for emergencies, go ahead and buy the AOL one. If you use AIM often, you'll want to use Verichat so that you can manage battery life and your latency will be much lower (e.g. the time between when your buddy sends the message and when you receive it).
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    wait- since when is using AOL instant messenger a necessity in an emergency? am i missing something? Have paramedics began using aim in their rigs? Does the local police have sidekicks to check people's suicidal away messages? really- just get verichat or causerie... just cause you dont use the features doesn't mean it's not a good thing to have them
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    How much is the subscription and initial cost for VeriChat again? I don't know anyone on any other messaging networks anymore (all my friends/colleagues, etc. have all moved to AIM). For me, at least, the AOL version seems to be the best fit, but I don't know if it requires an AOL account, which would be ridiculous also.

    Just give me AIM, dammit.
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    Anyone try this just for aim yet? I also don't need anything other then AIM..

    Seems like a waste to get verichat and others..just for aim.

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