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    I am unable to send emails from the Treo 650 using my account. Receives fine. I checked the settings and have set them up identical to my Pb settings but no luck. The error is listed as:" 553 5.0.0

    Any help would be appreciated,

    Don Smith
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    I have the same issue with my RCN e-mail. If you are a sprint customer, you have a free sprint e-mail address, that is what I use to send e-mails from my phone. You can use your phone number or just use your vision screen name.
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    It might require POP authentication first, as a spam deterrent.

    Try checking your email first before sending.
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    Try setting up the account again, and make sure and use the pre-installed Apple .Mac mail service settings. That should set everything for you, otherwise you need to go to advanced settings and set use authentication for outgoing mail server.

    Make sure your username doesn't include Everything works great for me.
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    Did as you recommended for the umpteenth time and it now works. I did a deletion of the account and then did a soft reset on the Treo.
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    Is there anyway whereby you can get notified when email is received on Versamail?
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    I haven't done it, BUT, if I am reading the manual correctly, you can setup your treo to check for mail at certain intervals-15 minutes to hours-between certain hours and set up a ringer when it does retrieve an email. Basically I believe it can do what you are asking about.

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