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    Hello all. I have done a few searches and I know there were people having this problem before and i was just wondering if there was any resolution to the problem.
    RECAP: The Connection.exe service will, on no regular schedule, use 99% of my CPU and max out my memory to the point where the system will crash due to lack of resources. Closing the service and restarting the computer seems to fix the problem for a short while but it will only be a matter of time before it happens again.

    Uninstalling BC from both the Treo 650 and the desktop and reinstalling it. (No Change)

    Completely rebuilding the system from OS up and running barebones with no extra software just the BC. (No change)

    Current Configuration
    Palm Treo 650
    BC Client Version
    Windows XP Professional all Service patches installed

    If anyone has any ideas i would be much oblidged as i think the software has some potential but as it stands now i leave it inactive and just use Snappermail to collect my mail.

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    When did you download SprintBC? Is it the most recent version (desktop--I don't think the Treo has much to do with it).
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    Good afternoon. I am new here, and was directed here by my local guru. We discovered the same problem yesterday and deleted connection.exe. In fact, I deleted the entire XpressMail program and re-installed it. Again today, the villain was hogging 99% of my resources, so I once again shut the whole thing down.

    Interestingly enough, I had been using XpressMail for a while and could receive my email fine; but was unable to send anything. Whether this is a part of the same problem, or something else, I don't know; but I am looking for answers, as are apparently others. At least it's nice to know I'm not alone.

    At this point, I can live with the situation, because I can still get my email through the web; but my web mail program is not really suited to the Treo "environment" and is a bit hard to read and deal with.

    As an aside (and I think I saw something about this elsewhere in this Forum) anytime I select Versamail (which I don't really need/use anyway) the Treo resets and I lose my custom button assignments.

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