Just received my Treo 650 and have stumbled upon a baffling phenomenon. I have put 2 photos on my SD card. When I hotsync I get the following message:
- The following record was modified on both the Device and the Desktop: 20 februari - 11.jpg in the album 'Unfiled'. This record will be duplicated on each platform. Delete the unwanted record and perform a HotSync operation again.

And yes, there is a second copy of 1 photo on the card (not in RAM), with [1] added. Every next hotsync this is repeated: [2], [3], etc. I can delete them but it starts all over again.
OK, so I delete this one photo completely. Now the whole process is used on the other photo!
I'm not sure if this is the right place and category to put this question, but is there anyone out there who can explain/resolve this?