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    AH! a Fresh Start: after waiting till november, my 650 will be here on monday...but will all these apps on the 600 i want to move work on the 650? or will some have to go

    pocket tunes
    pkt quicken
    voice launcher
    splash, id,money,shopper
    time whiz
    doc to go
    adobe reader
    print me

    Here is what I plan to do:

    I want to copy some of the apps from the 600 to the 650 without
    taking them off the 600, and without syncing. and then give the 600 to mom

    i want to put them in a folder and start fresh on the 650 when it finally gets here after 4 month of waiting next week..yah!

    but i want to be already to go when it gets here

    could you give me a step by step of how exactly do i do this using my sd card and card reader or perhaps beaming to the mac laptop ?

    thanks! any advice from those experienced in doing this would be great!
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    Moving an app from the 600 to the 650 is just a bad idea. I would go and download the latest version of each of those apps from the Net - PocketTunes is up to 3.0.6, FileZ to 6.6, Mobipocket up to 4.8, DocsToGo to 7.003, Adobe Reader to 3.05, etc. I would then install each of them fresh and new on the 650.

    Also, remember you cannot use the Palm Desktop software you currently have installed on your PC with the Treo 650. You have to use the one that comes on the CD. Check this thread for info on how to do a clean install and other suggestions.

    The cleaner the install the less headaches you will have. Who is your carrier?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZBoater
    ...SNIP...PocketTunes is up to 3.5.5, ...SNIP...
    Pocket Tunes is at 3.06 unless you are a beta tester.

    Your point is well taken and your advice sound, he should read and heed. I just wanted to FYI you on the Pocket Tunes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattyparanoid
    Pocket Tunes is at 3.06 unless you are a beta tester.
    He he, not a tester THAT far ahead! Nope, I goofed. I confused with EzFTP I think. I went back and fixed it. Thanks!
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    thanks! cingular. but un locked you mean I should upload the latest and pay for them all again cause they dont work on the 650? also dont some of them come on the palm disk?
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    No, you don't have to pay for them again. Almost all Palm apps will let you use your existing registration codes when you install the new version.
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    Pocket Quicken works fine and was the main reason I moved from an SE P900 to the Treo 650. Filez also works well. I can't comment on the others as I'm not using them at the moment.

    I'd second the idea that it's not a good thing to do a application/desktop "upgrade" - the remnants of the Palm Desktop for my Sony Clie on my desktop caused me nothing but headaches. After backing up your user folder(s) and renaming the backup folder I'd suggest uninstalling your current Palm Desktop and deleting the remnants of the Palm Folder. Since your coming from a Treo 600 you may have better success than I did but if you start to have frequent soft resets you may want to try this after a hard reset of the Treo 650....
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    Have you thought about calling Sprint and doing a phone swap.

    I did and had the Treo 650 replaced, even had it crossshipped.

    But I agree that it's probably a corrupted file or DB.

    I discovered after calling Datz, that Docs to Go had corrupted the Pref file.

    I downloaded a utility from them and was walked thru a reinstall of Docs to Go.

    Now I'm .Good to Go.

    I've had other problems but am patient to search the forums to get help.

    However, I strongly agree than not having an 800 number is not great reassurnce of their quality of the product.

    They have never answered one of my questions which was definately PI related. Bad form on their part.

    Please continue but don't get yourself into any real trouble it's not worth you lively hood over.

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