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    Ever since I recieved my treo phone from Sprint the Battery door pops and creaks when you are holding it to type emails. It seems loose at the botom corners. Is anyone else having this problem?
    I called sprint and they said to take it into a store. Is that the thing to do or what is your recommend?
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    This has been discussed several times here, try a quick search of the site. Some have used folded dollar bills, business cards, or small foam pieces.
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    The small green round adhesive felt pads that you put on the bottom of things to stop the from scratching your furniture work great. I used about 6 of them and kept placing them until the creaking stopped. got em at Home depot, I think
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    I used to have this problem with the 600 as well and there was no battery cover to shim. I didn't really notice it on the 650 until reading your post. Thanks a lot!

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