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    any doctor's using the treo 650? Are they stable enough for this type of environment? i.e. running epocrates, drug calcs, etc. how's the phone? would love to hear opinions from md's... thanks!
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    Search these forums for info on stability, etc. I don't think being a doctor is any more stressful on your Treo than another profession. For me and my wife (...yes, both MDs) the T650 is fine (..if you have a Cingular unit, be sure you get the right SIM). ePocrates is bloatware but we both have it and run it without an issue (including doing autoupdate via GPRS). No crashes or major issues--occasional slow app launching (...known issue) and slow boot-up. The phone is fine--really like the BT headset (got the PalmOne branded Jabra BT250P). No major complaints or issues.
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    I am a radiologist and have had the treo650 since it came out. I am totally dependent on mine! The sound quality is not the greatest, but that is a fixable issue, I just haven't had the nads to try the ROM flash thing. I have gone through a series of smartphones and have developed a huge database of all the docs in town numbers, beepers, cells, home etc. Having that is key. I access it 20x a day. The calender, todo, reminders are fantastic. I use it as my alarm clock. I use it to send and check email on all of my accounts. I use it as an mp3 player. I use it to play episodes of Seinfeld. I use it for internet access all the time. I use pocket quicken to keep a 6mo daily updated version of my finances on my treo. I use it for games. I use the camera pretty darn often--the pics are decent and it is always there. I use it as photo album of the kids (Splashphoto). the screen on the 650 is phenomenal.

    In terms of medical software, I have Tabers on it but that is about it. People have apparently had trouble running epocrates on it, apparently due to the memory limitations.

    Anyway, if you use this forum faithfully, I think you will be very satisfied with the phone overall. Sure, it has some issues, but it is, to me, indispensible.

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    I'm an anesthesiologist; I have Tarascon's ePharmacopia instead of ePocrates: databases live on the SD card. I also have SkyScape's mini-Barash text, and lots of non-medical stuff. Stability is quite good, maybe 2 reboots a week unless I'm messing around with something bleeding edge. I especially love my HBH-600 and the auto-answer feature: nice to be able to take calls even when both hands are in sterile gloves doing a procedure!
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    My wife uses the Harriet Lane book (with a book reader called MobiPocket) and the mobilePDR (Physician's Desk Reference). The software takes a while to catch on to new hardware, but they've released versions that are compatible with the Treo 650. She uses it mostly as a reference tool, so not really a "life and death" situation. She was getting the constant reboots with the G SIM, but ever since she swapped to the A SIM she's been good.
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    Thanks for all the great responses! I'm looking to swap my bb7290 for one... (was a former treo 600 user, but the ear buzz was near deafening).

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