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    Can someone let me know how I can play my music and podcasts stored on my 650 through my car speakers? I searched but could not find the answer. Thanks!
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    Radio Shack sells something similar to the Belkin FM transmitter. Might be called 'iRock' or something like that. I've considered that myself, but haven't actually used one.
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    If your car stereo has a cassette player, a cassette adaptor is probably the easiest most reliable solution with better sound quality generally than an FM transmitter...
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    I found the FM transmitter solution unsatisfactory for MP3 player listening at home. I used it to transmit from an MP3 player to my home intercom system. The transmitter had to be a couple inches from the FM radio for good reception. Also, the trasmitter ran through batteries quickly. I finally hard wired a connection and get much better results.
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    The problem with these adapters is: when a call comes in while the phone has a cassette adaptor plugged in at the headphone jack, it thinks it has a handsfree and you cannot answer the call in the normal way. I tried a bluetooth headset with it too but still doesn't work. Having something plugged in at the headphone jack seems to override everything.

    Hope someone will come up with a hack or something.
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    it seems like you need a seidio 2in1 headset adapter for it to work in any way close to acceptible- i've encountered the same problem and it's the reason i dont use my treo for playing music in my car. as soon as a call comes in it doesn't even throw to my bt headset and automatically i hear the person through my car speakers- but the microphone on the phone is disabled and thus the person on the other end can't hear me.
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